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Hello, I am Marco Venturi and I welcome you on our site. ASK.FM TRACKER was made by our great developer team and was tested for previous 3 months. Now you can too know who asked you a question or send you hate without downloading any suspicious files.

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ASK.FM TRACKER is the first online tracker which can check from what account (if registered) or fb account user asked you anonymous quesion. Want to know who send you suspicious questions? Maybe you want to know if that's your crush or best friend? Check it NOW!

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Enter Your Answer Url

To use hack with success the first step you need to take is put anonymous question url in field on top of our website.

Checking Who Asked This Started...

After finishing step one our system started to gather data. If user have account the account name will be shown to you, if not - it scrape facebook account of brave anonym .

10 Seconds Extracting

You do not need to download any suspicious files, everything is going on our server. This means everything works in lighting speed and take under 10 seconds!

Have problem? Contact Us!

If you have any problem with our online tool, you can contact us. Contact form is on the bottom of the site.

How It Works...

Tips to successfully check who asked the suspicious question.

System base search for anonym...

Our system search base of accounts which were created from that i.p address and delivier the username to you. If asker do not have account on, it will send facebook profile link to you..

You don't need to...

You don't need to download anything and search by i.p. address on your own. Our tool will do the hard work for you and will do it REALLY fast.

Ready to know who send you that awful hate to your profile?

Click the button below, insert answer/question url and check if it is not your best friend...

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