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    Enter the username on which you need to add the resources

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    Input the number of resources you want

    Enter the amount of resources you want to add onto your account using our tool.

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    Complete a short survey to prove that you are not a bot

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    Once you complete the survey successfully , the hack will be applied onto your account.

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    Verify the hack was successful

    Go in game and check your resources!

  • What is Hay Day Hack and Cheats Tool

    We all know nowadays there are a lot of games that are being launched for Mobiles and few of them are so popular and everyone is talking about them. It is a game about a farmer which is played by you and you need to upgrade all your resources in order to sell stuff and grow your farm. There are a lot of ways through which you can upgrade your resources and the fastest way is to use DIAMONDS so usually upgrades anything instantly and you don’t have to wait for 2-3 days for upgrade to complete. But instant upgrade is one of a big problem since we all have limited diamonds and if you don’t have any diamonds left you need to purchase them using the in-game store which costs money. If anyone of you is not willing to spend money for purchasing Diamonds or gold then we got a solution for you in getting free diamonds and gold in this game. To get free resources using our site , you only have to visit our website and go to our online generator and input your game userid , enter how many diamonds or gold you willing to add into your account and click hack. Our online generator will connect with HASH A5 algorithm to the website and will generate the desired number of diamonds and gold you entered. Yes you heard it right it is very simple to use our HAY DAY CHEATS . You don’t have to download any software which automatically means you cannot get any virus by using our online hacking software. Our online generator works for all platform whether it is IOS or Android. You will find several sites which claims to have a working HAY DAY CHEATS but we assure that we are the only in the market for an only working hack tool..

  • Is this a virus, or will my account get hacked?

    We have seen a lot of people looking for different ways of getting free stuff, some of them search online for walkthrough , some look for free guides and some looks for secret areas to get free stuff in game. We are pretty sure once people visit our website, they won’t ever search for free guides or walkthroughs since our online software provides everything a gamer wants. The main thing about our hack tool is that you won’t be banned after using them for generating in game stuff. There is a very small chance of our tool getting detected by supercell and even if they do we will be updating our tools regularly and everyone who had access to our HAY DAY HACK TOOL will be getting all future updates for free. We have implemented thousands proxies in our tool that it will be hard for Supercell to detect any unusual activity on your account if you use our tool. If any case they detect any unusual activity on your account and your account goes for an audit, the supercell employees will see that you bought the resources legitimately and you won’t be banned in any case.

  • Specifically, how does the script work?

    We are no one to force you to use our tool but we all know that all the games launched by supercell are no more than a money making machine . People spends a lot of money buying resources or diamonds but why someone needs to spend money when you have our legitimate working tool which will generate whatever you want for free. But there is one more way of getting diamonds that is from time to time we get small treasures in game which gives us around 25 diamonds max but if you keep opening treasures time to time then you can surely accumulate a lot of gems and you can use them later for future upgrades. But who wants to wait so much for each and every treasure to come on their game, that is why we launched our tool which is simple to use. So get our HAY DAY CHEATS now and generate thousands of virtual goods for free. So you all are wondering on how exactly do you use our hack tool. Well it is very simple to use HAY DAY HACK on your account nowadays since you only have press few clicks whereas old versions tool so much time and there were a lot of procedures to follow. Recently there is no longer to download any software since our team came up with a new system where you can hack your account and get yourself the virtual stuff using online generator on your web browsers. Online generators are really easy and they don’t consume much time since you only have to put number of virtual good you are planning to generate for your account and press Submit. Right it is that simple. And if you are stuck anywhere in between we have a contact us page where you can drop your name , email and your query along with the error message you see. We will try to respond you back within couple of hours with solution , but make sure you guys read OUR FAQ which have all possible solutions if you are stuck somewhere while using our online tool.

  • Will I receive spam from the survey?
    Everyone will be wondering why do we have surveys or different offers on our website. Well we will frankly tell you why. The only reason we have surveys on our website is to get few dollars for our research and new updates on our hacking tools. We will really appreciate if guys do the survey. Also moreover we have seen some questions put up by our visitors like , what if the survey doesn’t load on our browser or why I am not able to complete the survey or the most important one it says no surveys available for you. Well we will gladly help you out with each and every issue you encounter just contact us anytime or read FAQ for answers regarding all your issues.

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