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Get Access To PlayStation Network Codes Without Spending A Dime!

PlayStation is undoubtedly one of the most sought after gaming consoles. Sony Entertainment has always been a pioneer and developed products and games that are revolutionary and futuristic. The introduction of the PlayStation network cards is no exception. These cards act as a wallet which can be used to redeem games and other software from Sony’s online store. But the PlayStation cards are highly priced and act as a barrier for many PlayStation enthusiasts. The monthly and yearly subscription can deplete your pockets very quickly. Hence people are on a constant look out for Psn code generator that can produce psn codes for free in a manner that is safe and dependable.

What are PlayStation codes?

PlayStation code is basically a network card that has to be bought by users in order to play games on PlayStation. Users cannot start playing without a valid PlayStation code. These codes are available in multiple denominations like $10, $20, $50. These codes can be bought online or in retail stores. The amount will be credited into your account. It is always better to pick up cards of higher values as this means that you will not have to keep updating PlayStation with codes frequently.

Using Psn codes the user can view, browse and play the most current version of the game along with the classics. The user can also stream large volume of PlayStation games. As mentioned earlier the psn network cards are expensive. Hence people opt for free online psn code generators. Benefits of Psn code generator

There are a number of benefits of a Psn code generator such as:

• No download required

As the psn code generator is hosted online, the users do not have to download and install any software on their device. This eliminates the risk of infecting your device with virus, malware and other spyware. There is no need to complete any survey for generating psn codes

• Quick and Simple

The user interface designed is simple and intuitive. The user can gain access to Free psn codes within a couple of minutes by following simple instructions provided.

• Regular updates

The play station cards are updated on a daily basis in order to provide maximum benefit to the customers. The regular updates also ensure that the players do not miss out any opportunity.

• Safe

There is no need to share personal information like username and password in order to generate free psn codes. Most of the psn code generator applications have many protective features that make it safe for users to generate codes without the risk of being detected by anti hack radars.

• No cost

The psn codes generated using an online generator are available free of cost. The sites that provide free psn codes usually make money through paid advertisements that are displayed on their websites.

How to install PSN Code Generator

The process is quick and straight forward and does not require much time.

•Choose a reliable website from which you access a free Psn code generator. It is ideal to not choose any generator that has to be downloaded on your system.

• After selecting the appropriate website, decide on the value of the PlayStation network card

• Some website request you to complete a short offer from their sponsors

• Once done, you will receive your code which can be used to generate free psn codes.

How to get Free PSN Codes

Apart from online Psn code generator, there are many websites that offer free psn codes. Below are few of the ways of laying your hands on psn codes without spending any money.

• Points 2 shop

This is one of the most reliable sites to generate free psn codes. It is also one of the oldest sites offering this service. Hence there is a level of trust that has been established between the website and the users. You can earn reward points that can be used to buy psn codes. This can be done without the need of a bank account or credit card.

You can earn points by simply watching videos, subscribing for newsletters, playing games and participating in quizzes and surveys. There is a free app available that can be used to collect points while you are on the go. By watching paid advertisement and downloading few apps, the users can collect reward points. The process of collecting points is simple, fun and does not cost a penny.

• Rewards S1

This is very similar to point 2 shop. You can collect rewards points in a simple and fun way such as shopping, performing searches on the net, playing games and participating in quizzes and surveys. Once you have signed up on the website, you will be directed to the page in which you can see different offers which can be completed to earn points.

Each point has a value of $0.01. For

$10 you need 1000 points, For $20 you need 2000 points and so on. By collecting enough reward points, users can redeem it to buy free Psn codes from the rewards section.

• Prize rebel This is identical to Rewards S1. The user has to sign up and register on the website. Once done they will be directed to the main page which will display a number of different ways of collecting reward points. Just as in Rewards S1, each point has a value of $0.01. Hence for $10 you have to collect 1000 points, for $20 you have to collect 2000 points and so on. By collecting enough reward points, users can redeem it to buy free Psn codes by going to the “prize” section.

• Swag bucks

This is another site that allows users to collect reward points by watching videos, subscribing for newsletters, playing games and participating in quizzes and surveys. You can also earn points by indulging in shopping and searching for swag codes online. In order to collect reward points, the user has to create an account by registering on their website. Once sufficient points are collected, you can redeem it to purchase free Psn codes by going to the “rewards section”.

• Whaff Rewards

Now you can earn points on your mobile phones using Whaff rewards. This is a mobile application that is compatible with all android devices. The user can start collecting points after downloading the app on their smart phones. You can earn points by opening the app and installing regular updates. By performing this action, reward points will automatically be added to your account.

Once you have sufficient point balance, you can redeem it to buy free psn codes.


Every PlayStation enthusiast will want access to free psn codes so that they can access the different games and features of PlayStation. As a majority of the gamers are teenagers who do not have a job, they are constantly looking for free psn codes.

Psn code generator and collecting reward points are few of the ways gamers can continue to play games on PlayStation without shelling out huge amounts of money.


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