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  • All IP addresses have been pruned. Every user that got blacklisted in the past, will be able to try and get new code again. Thank you for your support and feedbacks! Enjoy and good luck.
  • Some minor bugs of code delivery system have been fixed. We apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced! Thank you for your patience and enjoy using our services!
  • Main gateway with the best offers has been fixed. Now, you can enjoy and continue using our services with ease. Sorry for this delay and downtime, but it happends. If it occurs again today we will maintain it often.
  • Minor bug fixes on click of Proceed button have been fixed. Thank you for your reports and patience. Enjoy your Free Spotify Accounts!
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  • Just keeping you up-to-date. We have upgraded our system scheme yesterday and now tokens are no longer with 'txt' extension. Just double click OPEN_TOKEN when you get one, and it will automatically do all the magic for you and bring you to the claim code page. Works flawlessly so far. We've tested it two days before public release... So far, not a single complain about it. That's all and good luck!
  • We've came by just to remind you that some of the codes that our system might send to you, are invalid. This issue may occur and vary from time to time. We are working hard to resolve this.
  • We have implemented new feature on our system. The website will show only 10 recent announcements. No more manual prune of the announcement box. This will make job easier for us, and make website much cleaner.
  • That was quick! It was not our problem, but third-party issue. You may see old default gateway settings again. Thank you for your reports. If you are unable to click on "Proceed" after some time, please contact us.
  • A little tip for all our users visitors. You should never go with maximum code amount if you want to recieve a working code. Getting maximum amount is all about the luck. Why ? - Well the reason is very simple. Everybody wants to get highest amount for free. This leads to delivery of already used codes by our system. It won't be like this forever and always but at the moment, it works like that. Cheers from Free Spotify Accounts team.
  • Lot of complaints about the offers. Fixed the list of the surveys that appears on the website. Now you can even choose and load more surveys optionally. Still one survey is requirement. Soon we might add a poll with a simple question to publicity.
  • Updated our website and providing system. Now each code you get, will definetly work! Surveys were been added as requirement, and no longer as an optional step. We're sorry about that, but this will help us a lot. Consider it as a "trade". Our website is providing you Free iTunes Gift Code and we are looking for one short survey in return.
  • Minor issues with our database. Any kind of errors releated to SQL database should not ever appear again. All database issues are resolved at this time. It's our mistake on initial release, but thank you for reports.
  • Initial release of our website. It's not just a website - It's a functionality that will change lifes of many people. We are offering Free iTunes Gift Codes. You may use them for pretty much anything you like. App Store, iTunes... It really depends on you! It is not device dependent either. You just need to have the iTunes account to claim the code and you're ready to go and spend them!

Details and Proceedure

  • Thank you for visiting our website Free Spotify Accounts.

    You're probably wondering "How does it work and how to get the Spotify Premium Gift?". Well, we're not going to tell you "how does it work", but we're surely going to tell you "how to get your digital Spotify Premium Gift" for free! Just follow our instructions and you will get one!

    To get your Spotify Premium Gift with digital delivery, you will need to pass our protection first.

    This protection, has been made to pay server costs and to protect our website from "mass-claims" of Spotify Premium Gift codes.

    The protection is as follow:

    Firstly, you'll click on "Proceed" button below and then you'll recieve "1st pop-up window". You must agree with our conditions, otherwise you wont be able to proceed. Secondly, you'll arrive on "2nd pop-up" with some offers. You may complete up to three offers per 24 hours!

    Do not try to do more than three offers, otherwise your "IP Address will be permanently blacklisted" from visiting our website, ever again.